Recently, there has been a strong concern about climate change such as global warming caused by anthropogenic releases of greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide, and their interactions with humans and the natural environment. Greenhouse gases that are causing climatic changes (e.g. through the Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol), and on developing adaptative strategies to assist species, ecosystems, humans, regions and nations in adjusting to the Effects of global warming. Environmental pollution: Industries produce 3 types of pollution i.e. air pollution with the gases and smoke; surface and groundwater pollution with the wastewater (effluent) loaded with various types of salts and pollutants; and land pollution with the solid waste thrown along the road side, open drains, sewage, wastelands and agricultural lands. Industries are of many kinds and have polluted almost all the water bodies in the absence of execution of environmental laws. Latest diseases like cancer, hepatitis, respiratory diseases, diarrhea and others have been caused by the air and water pollution. EM Technology helps to: i) convert the sludge of industries into biosludge for its safe disposal or application as biofertilizer in floriculture and parks & lawns. ii) deodorize obnoxious odor of industrial effluent, tanneries, sewage, solid waste, municipal waste etc. iii) prevent the breeding of flies and mosquitoes iv) reduce the concentration of pollutants in the effluent for its safe disposal. An extra treatment can make the effluent reusable for watering of flowers and lawns. v) control surface as well as groundwater pollution vi) diminish the pollutants in the sewage water and clean it further for safe disposal. vii) compost municipal waste for reuse. source:; wikipedia encyclopedia; Horiba Ltd.