Prospects of EM

Sanko Sangyo provides cost effective multi-disciplinary professional services and consultancy in the field of agriculture, environment, health & other sciences. The catch phrase of our EM Technology is "sustainable society, based on co-existence and co-prosperity, quality information, safety, convenience, low cost and high quality".

Sanko Sangyo is the mother company in Okinawa-Japan, which introduced and launched the research and the business of EM Technology 30 years ago. Since then, Sanko Sangyo is devoted and dedicated to produce safe and high quality EM products for its customers to contribute in protecting of human and environmental health.



  • Industrial solid wastes / sludge
  • Municipal wastes / garbage
  • Industrial effluent
  • Sewage sludge
  • Sewage water


  • Industrial odor / tannery odor
  • Sewage odor
  • Live-stock shed odor
  • Poultry farm odor
  • Indoor odor


  • Reclamation of saline-sodic lands
  • Reuse of saline ground water as irrigation water
  • Organic farming

Using EM Technology, the hazardous metals-laden mineral sludge can be converted into nonhazardous biological sludge for safe disposal and use as biofertilizer in agriculture and as soil conditioner in ameliorating saline-alkali lands.

Using EM Technology, deodorization can be achieved in the industry premises. The elimination of obnoxious odor can be emitted from the stagnant industrial and sewage water using EM Technology.

Using EM Technology, saline-alkali lands can be reclaimed and hazardous groundwater can be made fit for irrigation purposes. The farm refuse and farmyard manure and poultry manure can be converted into compost for promoting organic farming.


griculture is a vast field. Land is the basic resource for growing crops at large scale to meet the food requirements of the humans and animals. The application of EM starts from the improvement of land & irrigation water, seed treatment, sprays for the enhancement of photosynthesis and control of insects, pests & diseases. EM Technology, thus, helps to:

  1. reclaim / ameliorate salt affected lands, improve soil structure and its related properties, improve germination of seeds, growth of crops, enhance photosynthesis, control of weeds, control on insects & disease and finally increase in yield.
  2. remove various problems relating to horticulture (gardens or orchards) to increase fruit production and its quality.
  3. enhance the quality of all types of farmyard manures i.e. animal manure, poultry manure, solid waste, litter, kitchen garbage, green leaves, grass etc when converted into compost, the application of which increases the microbial population in the root zone.
  4. accelerate decomposition of organic matter applied to the land, availability of nutrients to crops and control of insects, pests & diseases.
  5. minimize the salinity hazard of groundwater used for irrigation purposes.
  6. conduct sustainable organic farming comparable to farming with synthetic fertilizers.


Vegetables are the most important diet for humans. Some vegetables are eaten as such. Vegetables are very delicate. The application of EM helps to:

  1. improve the texture and quality of all the vegetables.
  2. increase the microbial population, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and timely release of nutrients for the uptake by the vegetables.
  3. increase the yield.

Gardens & Orchards

Fruits are the rich source of vitamins and minerals to the humans. Insecticides sprays are dangerous for human health as the insecticide (poison) accumulate in the uppermost fruit layer. EM Technology has made it possible to grow fruits without insecticides. EM sprays help to control attack of insects, pests & diseases. The application of EM in various forms helps to:

  1. increase microbial population, accelerate decomposition of organic matter and timely release of nutrients, improve and maintain the porosity of the soil under the canopy of fruit trees.
  2. control insects, pest and diseases
  3. enhance photosynthesis
  4. increase fruit yield and its quality
  5. carry out sustainable and profitable horticulture

Parks & Lawns

Parks & lawns are maintained for the recreation of humans. People like green parks & lawns. A lot of budget is required to keep parks & lawns in good condition. The application of EM products and EM composted organic matter helps to:

  1. reclam saline and alkali patches
  2. maintain the soil fertility
  3. increase microbial population
  4. improve the growth of grasses

Animal husbandry:

Rearing of animals is always accompanied with foul odor, storage of fluid & solid waste, and their handling and management. It is a permanent problem. However, the application of EM helps to:

  1. eliminate foul odor at the livestock, poultry and stud farms
  2. eliminate the pathogens
  3. eliminate flies and mosquitoes
  4. clean the environments
  5. provide better working atmosphere to the workmen
  6. create interest in handling of EM composted material, its transport and application in the field
  7. improve digestive system by feeding EM fermented dry feed & green food and offering EM mixed drinking water
  8. improve overall shed environment and reduce / eliminate infections & diseases when sprayed at regular intervals with quantified dozes
  9. improve milk and egg yield
  10. improve meat quality in livestock, poultry and fisheries
  11. reduce infant mortality

Environmental pollution:

Industries produce 3 types of pollution i.e. air pollution with the gases and smoke; surface and groundwater pollution with the wastewater (effluent) loaded with various types of salts and pollutants; and land pollution with the solid waste thrown along the road side, open drains, sewage, wastelands and agricultural lands. Industries are of many kinds and have polluted almost all the water bodies in the absence of execution of environmental laws. Latest diseases like cancer, hepatitis, respiratory diseases, diarrhoea and others have been caused by the air and water pollution. EM Technology helps to:

  1. convert the sludge of industries into biosludge for its safe disposal or application as biofertilizer in floriculture and parks & lawns.
  2. deodorize obnoxious odor of industrial effluent, tanneries, sewage, solid waste, municipal waste etc.
  3. prevent the breeding of flies and mosquitoes
  4. reduce the concentration of pollutants in the effluent for its safe disposal. An extra treatment can make the effluent reusable for watering of flowers and lawns.
  5. control surface as well as groundwater pollution
  6. diminish the pollutants in the sewage water and clean it further for safe disposal.
  7. compost municipal waste for reuse.

Recycling of perishable kitchen garbage & Municipal Solid Waste

Kitchen garbage & City Solid Waste is the major source of pollution as it contains perishable vegetative material. It consumes lot of budget for collection and produces problems of foul odor at dumping site. The problem of such waste can be solved and much savings can be made if the kitchen garbage is handled at each household and Municipal Waste is minimized in total. Application of EM helps to:

  1. convert garbage into bio-fertilizer usable at home scale.
  2. consume almost no budget, rather reduce expenditure being incurred on the purchase of organic matter from the market to maintain gardening at small or large scale.
  3. reduce the volume of garbage waste collection from each house.
  4. eliminate transportation cost to dump site.
  5. reduce management cost at dump site.
  6. eliminate production of foul odor, flies and mosquitoes.
  7. clean bathrooms with the liquid fertilizer produced during recycling of garbage, thus eliminate expenditures on purchase of cleaning/washing material.

EM products:

EM products are being produced and promoted in the form of Saion EM-1, Saion EM-2 and Saion EM-3, as liquid soil conditioner. Saion A with N, P & K, as liquid soil activator. Saion EM-Bokashi, Saion Kuina-chan and Saion Biosand, as solid soil activator. Saion Sungrace and Saion MSK as deodorizer. Then other products, which are grown organically with the application of EM Technology, i.e. rice, vegetables, fruits etc.

Reseach & Development

Sanko Sangyo’s scientists are engaged to carry out research on the use and application of EM products in various fields. The improvement in the quality of our products and the applications of EM Technology is based on our long term research. Our research has proven that:

  1. Saline and alkali soils can be reclaimed successfully. Reasonable yield can be obtained in the 1st year of reclamation. EM application improves the structure and microbial population.
  2. The EM Technology has been fully developed to eliminate foul odor of all types produced in various industries, municipal waste, organic waste, livestock farming, sewage and bathrooms, after carrying out research in respective areas.
  3. Our scientists have converted leather tannery’s sludge and petroleum refinery’s sludge into biofertilizer. The hazardous heavy metals can be reduced with the treatment of EM products. These biofertilizers can be applied in floriculture and gardening.
  4. Effluent of leather industry can be treated with EM products. Pollutants can be reduced to reasonable extent for the safe disposal of effluent.
  5. EM products can be applied in fisheries to increase the fish weight and reduce the mortality.
  6. EM Technology can be applied in poultry to gain remarkable results. EM improves the quality of bird’s health, egg & meat and also reduces the mortality in birds.

Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd. is committed to provide healthy environment & healthy food.

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