President's Message

20th century was filled with omnipotent scientific achievements and progress, and we believed that we can conquer the nature but we were wrong. The human being beard a heavy cost of wasting the natural resources just for gaining wealth and temporary comfort and imitated legacy, which in fact produced massive amount of wastes which resulted massive environmental issues. Although we benefited from scientific developments but we destroyed more in the name of progress and development. We cannot bear anymore this destruction and legacy to be transferred to the next generations to come. I believe, the challenge is; how to play a significant role in balancing the harmony with nature by rebuilding and reviving the earth. Therefore, human being is seeking now a harmony and balance with nature and its maintenance.

Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd., the manufacturer and distributor of Saion-EM (effective microorganisms) is committed to produce environmentally friendly products and provide sustainable environmental solutions for a better and healthier future. Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd. was established in 1983 for agro-products at that time. However, during the last 4 decades we have developed products for other areas also, such as; garbage treatment and its conversion into bio-fertilizer to replace with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We have developed products for animal husbandry, livestock, poultry, aquaculture & fisheries, and wastewater treatment, municipal and industrial waste treatment. These products are exported and used worldwide now.

Saion-EM products do not cause secondary pollution and are very cost-effective due to their nature, ingredients and production methods.

Presently, we are working on Saion-EM’s anti-oxidation and enzymatic properties in health and medical sector. In other words; we are trying to focus not only on the properties of microorganisms but also other beneficial substances such as antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other hidden and undiscovered valuable components in Saion-EM.

By using Saion-EM Biotechnology we have been able to convert wastes and pollutants into beneficial materials from small to large scale. Therefore, we believe in future we can not only support the destroyed nature but can also help in reviving so that the next generations can have a better environment to live. We are committed to struggle for this challenge and achieve this vital goal with your support. We welcome your valuable inputs in this regard.

Gen Hachimine
Sanko Sangyo Co. Ltd.